João Leal Personal Trainer Branding



João Leal is a personal trainer with a mindset to bring out the best in his clients. Consistency and the will to exceed yourself are the main core values in his training. When approached to create a visual identity, the main concept was to reflect those same values by mixing visuals, textures, and written messages normally used by him on his social media (to motivate his clients) to give this sense of adaptiveness and effort that reflects his training values.



This branding was directly aimed at being present and promoted on social media. Its focus lies on the content promoted on the main channels, which could include workouts, references, statements, or detailed exercises.

The primary objective is to design a logo that can be easily adapted to different formats. It should be versatile and capable of being incorporated into various graphic compositions, reflecting its adaptive nature. These compositions can be either minimalistic or complex, but the goal is to showcase the brand’s adaptability in a variety of display formats.